Essential Phone 128 GB Unlocked with Full Display, Dual Camera Black Moon

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  • curtain,s surface smooth, easy to wash and dry without shrinking, which is convenient for cleaning and saves cleaning time and maintains cleanliness.It feels soft to the touch and gives a different kind of comfort.The fabric has good flash and good gloss, which makes the product more fashionable and beautiful.Waterproof and breathable makes bathing more comfortable but effectively blocks part of light.
  • MULTIPURPOSE:The Shower Curtain waterproof so that you can enjoy your showering more comfortable and without being cautious about making it get wet.Fashionable appearance decorates your home, and shows a different home style.Non-slip mat adds to the safety during your bathing.It can be placed in both in private bathroom and public one, bring you convenience and comfort.
  • CLEANING METHODS: 1.The fabric has good alkali and heat resistance, and can be washed by hand with various detergents, but it is not suitable for chlorine bleaching. 2.They must be washed separately from other clothes, do not put together to wash. 3.White curtain and map can be washed with high-alkali detergent at high temperature, bleaching effect.
  • A VARIETY OF OPTIONS:There are many styles and colors available for you to choose from, we believe that you will find the one you like the most.Showering curtain and mat of different main colors can show different styles and also show different personalities, but no matter which style you choose, we sincerely hope that when you use our product, your life feeling will be improved and you will live in a beautiful mood all the day.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE:iPrint guarantee the high quality production of our production and try our best to avoid problems such as quality, but if you have quality problems with the shoiPrintr curtain and mat you have bought, iPrint first apologize sincerely, and then please contact our customer service at the first time, iPrint will solve the problem in time and let you be satisfied.(HoiPrintver damage to the product due to improper use is not covered by the warranty.)

Essential is a new kind of company. Founded on our commitment to true craftsmanship, personalization and simplification. We're using 21st century methods to build products for 21st century people.
Andy Rubin, Creator of Android
Founder and CEO of Essential

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