Garmin FR60 Women's Black Fitness Watch Bundle (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)

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Quick Overview

  • Bundle includes FR60, heart rate monitor, footpod, USB ANT Stick, quick start manual
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Can be used for running, cycling and other fitness activities calculating time, heart rate and distance
  • ANT+ technology: Wirelessly connect to heart rate monitor, foot pod and speed cadence sensor, then share fitness data with your computer
  • Battery life: One year, user-replaceable coin cell battery

Garmin FR60 Women's Black Fitness Watch Bundle (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)


Product Description

This FR60 bundle (in women's black) includes a heart rate monitor.

Log every mile and every minute with FR60, a sleek fitness watch plusworkout tool that tracks your time, heart rate and calories burned. Whenbundled with the wireless foot pod (not included), FR60 also tracksspeed and distance, indoors or out. Use FR60's training tools to get themost out of your workout. Then, FR60 wirelessly sends your workout datato your computer for later analysis.

Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch Bundle (Women's Black)

Flexible digital heart rate monitor provides instant feedback about how hard you're working.

Once you've logged the miles, FR60 automatically transfers data to your PC or Mac, wirelessly when in range.

Train Indoors or Out
In the gym or on the road, FR60 tracks all your workout data, includingtime, heart rate, calories burned, lap times and averages, and more.FR60 boasts advanced training tools, such as training alarms and VirtualPartner, which lets you race against a virtual training partner toimprove your performance.

At the heart of its success is FR60's wireless ANT+ technology, whichallows it to connect to other ANT+ compatible devices, like theincluded heart rate monitor and optional foot pod (not included), oreven ANT+ compatible fitness equipment. (USB Ant stick not included)

Go for Distance
With the ANT+ seamless wireless link, FR60 connects to the optionalwireless foot pod (not included), which tracks your distance and speedeffortlessly, both indoors and out. Using advanced accelerometertechnology, the foot pod collects and sends precise data about yourmovements, gathering distance and speed data that is 98 percentaccurate, right out of the box.

Listen to Your Heart
FR60 also connects wirelessly to a lightweight, flexible digital heartrate monitor, providing instant feedback about how hard you're working.FR60 continuously tracks heart beats per minute and displays your heartrate zone, so you can monitor and improve your fitness level.

When paired with an optional speed/cadence sensor, FR60 tracks the speedand distance of your cycling workouts. The wireless speed/cadencesensor attaches securely to your bike and measures your pedaling cadenceand wheel speed as you ride. You can even use it to train indoorsbecause the sensor attaches to your rear wheel.

Also available in Women's Lilac

Sync and Share
Once you've logged the miles, FR60 automatically transfers data to yourPC or Mac, wirelessly when in range. No cables, no hookups. The data isjust there, ready for you to analyze, categorize and share through ouronline community, Garmin Connect.

Pick Your Form Factor
Males and females may train alike, but they have different preferenceswhen it comes to watch styling. So, Garmin offers a men?s and women?sversion of FR60 that differs only in size and color options. The men?smodel, which weighs 1.6 ounces, comes in black or red on black. Thewomen?s model, at 1.4 ounces, comes in black (shown here, 010-00743-30)or lilac.

What's in the Box
FR60, Heart rate monitor, quick start manual, and owners manual on disk

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